Fixed Asset Management Pro

is designed to comprehensively manage, maintain, and control your business assets with easy navigation and intuitive control. This is simply a business application tool that every business must have.

Everything is now at your fingertips! Easily record and keep track of your individual asset from its acquisition, depreciation, asset service requirement, historical service records, asset custodian, and warranty claims.

Our product features a very user-friendly environment and an easy to navigate TreeView. Users can easily group, sort and access the status with single click .There is also a built-in integrated screen for easy access and viewing, complete with pictures and breakdowns of each categories

It is fully compliant with International Accounting Standard under Property, Plant and Equipment (IAS16 – PPE).

What kinds of depreciation method does your program support?

Fixed Asset Management Pro comes pre-loaded with straight line and declining balance (fixed and % base) to ensure that it is suitable to your local accounting regulations. You can even set your asset to be non-depreciating.

Does it support multiuser and multi-company?

Yes, our application is fully support multiple users. In fact, you can also install this application in the server and share by multiple workstations/users. This way you can use it for your entire company. Not only that we support multi-user, but the application also supports multi-company. Meaning that you can have a more than one entity to be managed from single application. When you purchase our application, you can choose the most suitable version for your company.

How do I delete the pre-loaded Excelsoft examples in the Fixed Asset Management Pro?

You will need to go to Utility in top menu and choose “Start a New Business”. This will delete all the preloaded examples in the Fixed Asset Management Pro database – excepting the Chart of Accounts. This will allow you to start with a clean sheet of paper for your own business, and load up your own assets from scratch.

So I clicked on “Start a New business” and everything is blank. Now what?

There are a number of things to set up before you can start loading up your asset list into the program. First you need to go to Register on the left-hand side menu, and assign your own Cost Centre.

Can I download Fixed Asset Management Pro reports into MS Excel?

Yes, our current enhance version allows you to download reports to MS Excel for your convenient. When you print the report, you can simply click XLS as the destination, the application should ask you for the file name and location.

Hey! How come the asset value that I entered cannot go above 1,000 or 10,000?

You will need to double click on any cell that will contain a numeric value. This way, you will be able to enter any amount of value that you want.

Can I replicate similar asset so that I don’t have to retype each ones?

Yes, our application allows you to replicate similar asset as many as you like. You can simply go to menu Action > Acquasition , the click on Replicate. Prior to that, you should choose the asset that you like to replicate. Of course, you must first input the first one thoroughly. The application should ask you for the starting number (this is more for asset tagging), then for the number of similar asset to be replicate. The tag# will automatically generate for you. After you confirm the Tag#, the you click save.

What is Detail Component?

Detail Component is very useful if you have purchased an asset as a set instead of each individual piece. For example, if you purchase a complete ‘meeting room set’ which consists of o1x meeting room table, 6x reclining chairs, 1x Conner table for USD2500, then the application allows you to enter the entire meeting room set as one asset, but yet every piece can be register as its components without loosing its detail information. Meanwhile, the depreciation would only go with the single set (USD2500) but not individual piece..

What is Acquisition Cut Off Date?

Some companies have a policy if the asset is purchase after 16th of the month, then the depreciation starts the next following month. Like wise,, if the asset is purchase prior to the 15th of the .month, the depreciation starts immediately on that month. Our application allows you to set the date where you want to have this policy. You should put 31, if you want every asset to be depreciated on the date it is purchased.

What is IFRS Standard?

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are principles-based standards, interpretations and the framework (1989) adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). This standard has become a global standard which is most acceptable standard for any public listed company in coming year 2014. Therefore, our application is following IFRS standard especially IAS16 under Property, Plant, and Equipment.

How does the license work?

Fixed Asset Management Pro provides a free license after user register with us. After the registration, you can use the application as long as you like. The limitation is only that it is not over 50 assets. If you need more than 50 assets, than you have the option to purchase the license for with us.

Why is it that I cannot change the asset Cost Group, Location, Department, and Custodian in the asset master screen? There is a (*) beside each of these setting.

You can change this information only if you have not had any transaction over this asset. Meaning that you have not i.e., revalue the asset, transfer the asset, salvage the asset, etc. Of course, you can still change this information using transaction screen (select the asset, then click transaction icon). The reason for this is that the system is preserving the historical information for you. This way, your reports of the past month/year will always be consistent. By using transaction screen, the system will be able to keep track of all the changes to the asset. As the result, any previous reports will remain the same.

What is the licensing cost for Fixed Asset Management Pro ?

The product license can be purchased directly online. Our price starts from US$299 per license. You can also have the option to purchase additional user license. For super discount, you should get unlimited asset and unlimited concurrent user access. Should you need enterprise edition, you can request excelsoft to provide a special proposal to you. To purchase our product, please click the following link.

What happens if we need customization ?

Sure, if you need customization for your specific needs, please write to us Please elaborate in detail the customization works that you like to be done. Remember that our Fixed Asset Management Pro is base on International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS). Another way around is that you can also have the option to obtain our complete source code, if you like to perform the modification internally. Source code licensing will only be released through reputable organization but not to individual.

Is there easy way to upload my assets to the system ?

Yes, we provide an uploading tool from MS Excel. This add-ons tool can really help you to upload any historical assets, with 3 guided steps. . This process has been designed to be seamless. You would require Microsoft Excelsoft of any version to work with this tool.

Does it work with barcode reader ?

Yes our Fixed Asset Management Pro Enterprise edition is designed to work with USB barcode reader seamlessly. You can have many functions, such as asset tagging, asset tracking, asset takes, etc. For more complete features regarding Enterprise edition you can click http://….. Nevertheless, barcode reader only work for Enterprise edition but not the standard version.

Does it work with multiple users and data being installation on the server ?

Yes, Fixed Asset Management Pro can be installed on the server and have as many workstations asset to it. The data will be centralized on the server and each workstation is accessing the centralized data. The advantages of client/server setting, the data will be more secure and concurrent access to the server will be seamless. You would only need to purchase multiple concurrent users to have this setting install on your location.