Product Support

Product Training
Excelsoft provides a comprehensive and hand-on training for all of our products. Not only class room type training, we also provide one-to-one coaching to ensure your manpower fully understand how our products and an in-depth knowledge that link to it.

Excelsoft provides a comprehensive implementation services. It is not only to about setting up the system parameters, but also to ensure the application meets the highest standard for management, audit, tax, and future corporate needs. At this state we help our customers to jump start by providing guideline and extensive consultancy experience for successful implementation.

Comprehensive Manual
For Manual, Excelsoft provides the most advance contact sensitive online help by hitting [F1] key to directly bring you the closes and related page to assist you.

Help Desk
Our technical support is always standby to provide immediately response to your needs and questions. You can either call our technical support, chat to them, or online help (using Rdc or TeamView) to directly assist you.

User Conference
Every year Excelsoft conducts a user conference for all of our clients. This conference is held not only to inform users about the latest products, issues, and training but also we receive a crucial feedback which serves as our reference for the future development. During the conference, our users also exchange knowledge on how to handle a certain issue, such as taxation, latest government rules and regulation, etc.

Regular Update
For update, we provide an online download from our website where you can login and download any available update necessary without delay. Any latest release, minor or major, you will be informed by our automatic email. We always put priorty for our product update, such as changes statutory requirements, bugs, new features, improvement, etc.

Specific administrative requirements unique to your organization can be developed as needed. To further elaborating this, please visit our services under