ExcelAcc ERP

ExcelAcc ERP

ExcelACC ERP is a component-based solution that comprises of many modules that can be assembled to suite your progressive and dynamic organization needs. We provide solution for your entire organization, starting from accounting/finance, procurement, warehousing, front office, sales management, distribution, asset tracking, inventory management, and much more. It is the solution for the organization that requires a powerful, comprehensive, and yet easy-to-implement system. It has also been designed like “building blocks” to ensure integration and consistent “feel & look” throughout:

  • True multi-currency processing which is essential for the global market.
  • Comprehensive on-line help with context sensitive reference.
  • Drill-down enquiries for complete document and batch traceability across modules.
  • Supervisor-defined user menu for securities.
  • Extensive Audit and Control Reports.
  • Reports Multi-company processing including flexible account key and variable company organization structures.
  • Complete account analysis tools featuring on-line inquiries and standard reports.
  • Complete multiple currencies for customer/vendor processing, including foreign currency purchase orders, payable, payment, customer orders, invoices, receivables and legers with posting in both base currency and foreign transaction.
  • Revaluation of all foreign currency transactions at the end of the settlement period.
  • Translation and consolidation of foreign financial statements.
  • Sophisticated and flexible cash processing including bank transfers, drafts, credit cards, and other negotiable instruments.
  • Enhanced general ledger processing and reporting, including file extraction, flexible consolidations, subsystem audit trails, foreign currency conversions, cost allocation and alternate account structures.

1. Home grown application – understand your local needs

Our system understands your needs, not that you have to understand the application’s needs. Our application is already fine-tuned to your needs without you having to tell us yours!

2. Complete handling of government tax, such as value-added tax (VAT/PPn) and income tax in accordance to Article 23 of the Indonesian Income Tax Act (PPh. 23)

We advise you on how to handle your taxation without further oral or written requirements. We show your and guide you on how to handle these taxation.

3. Complete auditing history including VAT and PPh. 23 transactions

We already complied with government statutory, audit, and management, and system audit, helping you to work smoothly.

4. Superior of Forex handling with perpetual forex reinstatement Fluctuation of foreign currency is a common thing.

Generating your financial statements with perpetual reinstatements is a click of the button.

5. Fully PSAK and IFRS compliant

We already complied with these two most significant organizations. Is this important for your organization? Of course, this is crucial for not only to ensure the growth of your company but also to prepare your organization to enter the financial market. Often time, many software applications are avoiding this question at all costs as it will clearly fail them.

6. Complete Analysis and Business Intelligent tools in Microsoft Excel

Why using other complicated tools for reporting or BI? Many applications are deployed using either self-made tools or using third-party tools which requires additional licenses. Not only that you have to pay extra but also the learning curve is sometimes unacceptable. Our reporting tools and business intelligence tools fully uses Microsoft Excel. This, of course, is something that you should already be familiar with.

7. Absolutely flexible in integrated modeling of transactions.

Does it comes to your mind that you would need a bit more complicated journaling for integration? Maybe you don’t know that you would come to this necessity. Nevertheless, if your system is not ready for this, then you have no option but to change your system again! For example, if you have a requirement to register sales for every sub-business units under different P/L accounts, you will then have a problem if your system cannot handle it. Furthermore, if you need certain products to be registered in accounts of different categories, you will definitely have no flexibility otherwise.

8. Rapid implementation: Expert consulting team

Why taking months or even years for complete ERP implementation? Did they claim that the works are extremely difficult? Are they earning expensive consultant fee from you? Are you wasting your time? Try out our rapid implementation team of experts to help you to implement our ERP system. We cut short many unnecessary works and get right to the core of the system and make it run. As simple as that…!

9. Flexible customization – fully local engineers support

Do you need customization? Are there any special needs of yours? Of course, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to fine-tune such needs. Therefore, it is important that you need customization. Why have to pay such expensive customization? Because many of your vendors do not have the local expert team to help you. They will end up having to import such manpower. Therefore, it is your company that has to bear the total cost. In ExcelSoft, our expert engineers are ready to help you at any time. We can customize your requirements in no time, plus without expensive costs at all.

10. Very affordable price

Check out our price! It is absolutely reasonably low. Your successful implementation of our ERP system is our achievement. Therefore, we provide guarantee of your success.


The ExcelACC application consists of specialized modules that can work together or independently to handle entire company needs in accounting, marketing, management, financial, distrubution and corporate planning.

ExcelACC application provides an extremely flexible solution by employing a high degree of parameterisation at every level within the application to ensure the application will operate to suit your business requirements without the need for modification.This is achieved by means of :

A choice of modules from the “Traditional Ledgers” through to the complete solution covering Project Costing and Purchase Order Processing. Either way you lose none of the depth and breadth of functionality. ExcelACC modules can operate stand alone or integrated with other third party systems.

ExcelACC employs a high degree of parameterisation at every level of operation, from company through ledger, document through user. A multitude of combinations can be setup depending upon your specific business requirements. The document parameterisation is particularly powerful and allows you to determine the characteristics and operations of every transaction within the system.

User-defined reporting
ExcelACC allows user to interface directly to the information within the database freely. Therefore, it allows user to build its own reporting in various ways. Using Microsoft Excel, for example, the user can define an in-depth accounting analysis to routine reporting needs at the real time information and without a single re-entry of any number.

  • GL : General Ledger
  • A/R : Account Receivable
  • A/P: Account Payable
  • Cash Management / Bank Book
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase Order
  • Import Purchase
  • Order Entry / Billing
  • Project Cost & Billing
  • Budget Management
  • Project Costing
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • i-Care – SMS Management
  • HRMS & Payroll System
  • Standard reports
  • Build-in Query Wizard for user-defined report
  • Reusable user-defined report query
  • Third Party reporting Tools
  • Using Microsoft Excel (Via ODBC)